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Hi, my name is Robin ( @fiahblade ) and I'm the creator of MC Server Soft. Which launched a whopping 10 years ago (May 2011). It's still hard to believe how far this program has progressed over the years and how much it has affected my own life, my intrests in technology and programming.

But maintaining it all is becoming more difficult and time consuming, MC Server Soft is free and I like to keep it like that. But you can still show your appreciation by making any contribution, big or small, all is appreciated!

What will your contribution be used for? There are some fixed costs like webhosting and domain names, as well as keep the lights on. 😉 But besides that it just helps me motivate myself just that little extra to keep it all up-to-date.

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Donations above 10 USD (~9 EUR / ~8 GBP /~15 AUD will get you a Discord donator role and my never ending gratitude.

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