Updating a server

Updating a server

Since version the server files are no longer updated by me. This took up too much time and it's not the ideal situation for server owners. Waiting on someone to update something while it is extremely easy to do yourself. The updater tool makes it even easier.

Updating a server

Download the server jar file

 Visit one of the following site (I recommend Yive's mirror) and download the server jar file that you want to update your server to. Make sure that you update to the correct server type (spigot -> spigot) and not (spigot -> taco).

* Also make sure that you also don't download an api jar! (just make sure that it does not has 'api' in its name) *

Select the server jar file

Now it's time to select the server jar file you downloaded in the previous step. You can either drop it onto the form or you can browse for it with the 'Select file' option.

Start the update

Click 'Update' to start the process. This won't take long.


Wrapping it up

All done! Wasn't that easy?