Migrate a Vanilla server

Migrate a Vanilla server

Make sure that mcss is not running (not even in the background).

Migrate a Vanilla server

Download the server template

Download this server template, unzip it and place the folder into your /servers folder.

Like so:

├── ...
├── vanilla server template
    └── mcss_server_config.json

Feel free to change the folder name (ex. 'vanilla server template' could become 'My Epic Vanilla Server').

Generate an GUID

Time to generate an GUID for the server, go to this website (uuidgenerator.net). It will give you an unique GUID.

Open the 'mcss_server_config.json' file in your template and fill in the GUID. Make sure that you do not copy any spaces or new lines.



Save and close the file.

Transferring the server files

You can now copy your old server files into the server folder.

Wrapping it up

Start mcss and you should see your migrated vanilla server, don't start the server yet.

Go to the "Servers" window and click on the "⋮" icon in the top of the vanilla server tile and choose "View settings".

In that window, you can now set the server name, and all other options. In the startup line, don't forget to change "{0}.jar" so that it matches the jar file in your server directory.

Screenshot of the instance settings window