MC Server Soft

August 12, 2019 at 07:13 PM

Version (August 12, 2019)

  • Vanilla & Forge are now fully supported
  • Added to the Toolbox: Clone Server
  • Improved console memory usage after setting a max kept size (changeable)
  • You can now start the server from the console by typing: start
  • Added option to change console text encoding (ASCII, BigEndianUnicode, System Default, Unicode, UTF7, UTF8, UTF32)
  • MCSS now has a menu strip (server actions like start, stop & restart can be found there (under servers menu))
  • Added "Saved Commands" option where you can add custom commands for later use (under servers menu)
  • Added option to control how many lines of console are kept in memory and displayed (default at 250)
  • Updated Create/Migrate Server UI
  • Renamed network to proxy
  • Updated proxy icon
  • Added TacoSpigot 'abandoned warning'
  • Fixed proxy server stop status issue after a restart
  • Fixed default java startup path issue when migrated a server
  • Fixed that you could create servers in subfolders
  • Fixed issue with ping console check
  • Removed 'WorkspaceOpenServersFolder' (setting no longer needed)
  • Removed 'EnableKillServerOption' (setting no longer needed)