MC Server Soft - Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2017 at 02:17 AM

Version (December 22, 2017)

  • New form look with resizing and Windows Aero capabilities
  • Major "under the hood" code changes/optimizations
  • Reduced/optimized memory usage
  • Toolbox window sizes are now also remembered
  • The server tab is now visible from every page
  • Improved support for touch devices
  • 'Load console from previous sessions' is now on by default
  • Replaced TPS by CPU usage
  • Added CPU usage to network based servers (BungeeCord/Waterfall)
  • Added "Dynamic graph scaling" setting
  • Added starting/stopping status
  • Added starting/stopping visuals to the server tabs + tooltips

  • Updated changelog window GUI
  • Removed option to hide the changelog after an update
  • Removed custom /restart command (will be re-added in a later stage)
  • Removed the iconic landing page :´(

  • Fixed threading issue
  • Fixed player list being buggy
  • Fixed issue with saving the wrong jar filename in de startup line after creating/migrating a server
  • Fixed program settings page scroll issue
  • Fixed program settings dropdown scroll issue
  • Fixed dashboard charts not fading out properly
  • Fixed potential server tab navigation issue

Please make sure you also have the lastest MCSSNetworkConnector and MCSSConnector plugin version