MC Server Soft

October 21, 2017 at 02:08 AM

Version (October 20, 2017)

  • Merged mcss related components on the update page
  • Added option to restart mcss after updating
  • Added discard/save buttons to the server settings page
  • Added 'create server' button to the top server navigation
  • Added option to use a custom java path/variable
  • Added option to hide IP address from the interface

  • The top server navigation is now also shown if you only have 1 server
  • "Switch to console on each server start" setting has been replaced by "Switch to console after starting the server"
  • By default "Switch to console after starting the server" is now enabled. (uses the value from the old setting)
  • Reorganized program settings page

  • Updated dropdown control UI
  • Updated top server navigation UI
  • Removed scroll mechanic in dropdown boxes
  • Other UI improvements

  • Fixed online detection of waterfall servers
  • Fixed bug with bungee/water config resulting in failed server starts
  • Fixed position of the changelog window
  • Fixed "Open changelog after update" setting showing all the time
  • Fixed issue with startup report detecting the first line of the console as a warning
  • Fixed issue when server tabs didn't change on click