MC Server Soft Milestone Release

June 27, 2017 at 02:55 AM

Finally after 15 months, I'm proud to present MC Server Soft 10. Enjoy!

Version (June 28, 2017)

  • Recoded project from VB.NET to C#
  • Now supports multiple server instances! (handy for testing and running multiple servers on the same machine) Supporting: CraftBukkit, Spigot, PaperSpigot and TacoSpigot
  • Config files are now stored in the json format
  • More robust update-checking system with caching capability
  • Improved responsiveness of the UI.
  • Improved performance: better multi-thread support
  • Improved support for higher DPI displays (up to 200% scaling)
  • Improved visual feedback on almost every control
  • Improved console traffic and syntax coloring
  • Statistics are processed faster and more intelligent
  • Added suggestions for the console input based on your previous entered commands
  • When there is an update available you will no longer be redirected to the update page automatically. Instead the update button will notify you.
  • When exiting out of MCSS, a proper warning will be shown when there are still servers running.
  • New textbox GUI
  • Migrated the 'Advanced Settings' to the main server settings
  • The program settings and info page are now accessible from the icons/links in the bottom left corner
  • Added the following to the program settings: 'Show updates notifications', 'Open changelog after restart', 'Show diagnostic tools'
  • Removed the following from the program settings: 'Start on windows', 'minimize to tray' and 'start to tray'
  • Settings from the file that aren't shown in the GUI will keep their original value, including comments and blank lines.
  • The 'server-ip' setting has been removed from the GUI (too many people don't know how to properly use it)
  • Added the 'max-tick-time', 'network-compression-threshold', 'max-world-size' and 'prevent-proxy-connections' to the server settings
  • Updated 'resource-pack-hash' to 'resource-pack-sha1' server setting
  • Renamed 'Max Players' to 'Player Limit'
  • Fixed: Textbox stretching glitch
  • Fixed: Syntax coloring not being displayed properly
  • Fixed: You couldn't drag the program when holding down the mouse above the logo
  • Fixed: Never displaying the 'Settings Origin' when loading the backup/snapshot window
  • Fixed: When the 'Logs Origin was checked, it didn't copy .log.gz files
  • Numerous amounts of other bug fixes and improvements
  • Removed 'Switch to console on server stop' setting
  • Dropped support for version and lower