MC Server Soft 11.5.0

March 14, 2020 at 04:11 PM


Version 11.5.0 (March 14, 2020)

  • Improved player join/leave detection
  • Fixed crash when a player logged out (under certain conditions)
  • New Config Editor (preview)
  • New way of getting the server's process name (more reliable for multi-server setups)
  • Added a console restart shortcut/command
  • Added option to rebuild corrupt performance counters for you.
  • Added CLI option to rebuild performance counters at startup '--rebuild-perfcounters'
  • Added CLI option to update the 'ProcessNameFormat' registry setting to value 2 '--set-processname-format'
  • Added option to restart all servers
  • Added Server Group Actions - you can start, stop, restart, kill and send commands to multiple servers at once.
  • Added option to Kill all Java processes (Quick Option)
  • Reworked Quick Options menu layout
  • Executing a Quick Option now need to be confirmed by the user
  • Stopping all servers (Quick Option) is now by default 'forced' (online servers are stopped, starting and restarting servers are killed)
  • Updated dependencies
  • Fixed status issues when running multiple servers
  • Fixed text editors showing weird symbols when certain key combinations are used
  • Fixed non-dialog windows not releasing focus when switching to main window