MC Server Soft 11.4.0

January 26, 2020 at 07:17 PM


Version 11.4.0 (January 26, 2020)

  • Added a selected indicator on server tiles
  • Added option to change server types directly
  • Added option to set a Java path on server level, overriding the global/system path
  • Added CLI option to start mcss without splashscreen '--no-splash'
  • Added support for 1.15 builds (the nogui startup parameter now added by default)
  • Updated 'Edit server' window UI
  • The server no longer needs to be restarted to apply scheduler changes
  • Changing the global Java variable/path no longer requires a restart
  • Renamed setting globalJavaVariablePath to globalJavaPathOverride
  • Moved System Info to the 'Help' menu strip
  • Improved cpu & memory utilization
  • Server tabs are no longer hidden on servers page
  • Server tiles on the servers page are now ordered according to the server tabs
  • Changed default ConsoleTextEncoding to UTF8
  • An exception's stack trace is now included in the mcss logs
  • The save button on the edit server window will now close the window
  • Fixed player list ghosting issue (special thanks to Léonito2003)
  • Fixed crash when changing an existing task to a commands task
  • Fixed log file reporting wrong OS Version
  • Fixed wrong url in create server window (server type help)
  • Fixed 'Open in the browser' link in changelog window
  • Removed server description
  • Removed integrated installer
  • Removed 'Create Server' shortcut from server tabs