MC Server Soft 11.1.0

October 26, 2019 at 06:18 PM


Version 11.1.0 (October 26, 2019)

Due to backend api changes version (and older) will be considered End of Life (EOL) as of January 1st 2020.

  • Added Keep Online setting, if the server crashed or is stopped it will automatically restart. (off by default, see  Servers > Keep Online)
  • Added time based scheduler tasks
  • Added option to disable player heads downloads (off by default)
  • Added option to use player helm heads (on by default)
  • Added option to query player heads by username (off by default)
  • Player head images are now stored under '/resources/cache/playerheads' instead of '/resources/cache/playerheads/avatar'
  • Player heads are now provided by instead of
  • Renamed Avatar to Player Head
  • Improved BungeeCord console/log reader warning detection
  • Enums in the config file are now stored by name and no longer the id (ex. server type 0 becomes CraftBukkit)
  • When creating a server or scheduled task, double clicking a type will auto navigate to the next page
  • Simplified server update steps
  • Filtered out ">" console lines on proxy servers
  • Added to the list of server mirrors
  • Moved Toolbox to its own  menu strip
  • Increased minimum size of the main window
  • Fixed MCSSCommunicator plugin getting installed on proxy servers
  • Fixed crash when deleting a server
  • Fixed server tab order issue
  • Fixed access to player list when viewing proxy server